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Tampa Bat, Florida – Endless Possibilities For Your Travel Agenda!

The Community of Dalian Monterrey

Tampa Bay is a truly magical travel destination. It embraces history, loves culture, boasts excitement and is set on pleasing each and every visitor that decides to pay it a visit. If you’re unsure what kind of activities Tampa Bay has to offer, allow us to tell you about a few of our favorites.

Florida Aquarium

There’s a reason that this is viewed as the top aquarium in the country! Alligators, penguins, sharks, and plenty more, are all ready to be discovered! From the Wild Dolphin Tour to the opportunity to Dive with the Sharks, there’s plenty for those who are all about adrenaline. If cute and fluffy is more your thing, you still won’t be disappointed. Head to one of the Behind The Scenes Experiences, you can even have the opportunity to meet and greet a resident penguin.

As if all of t...

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